Thursday, May 10, 2018

Today was Jackson Pollock Day!

The entire student body got in on the fun of Jackson Pollock Day here at the Village School.

Preschool students did a medium sized abstract expressionist painting using tempera paint on 18*24"paper.

K1 did a small scale and medium scale drip/splatter paintings in tempera, as well as lending a hand splattering a large piece of fabric for future use!

2/3 made two large splatter paintings each and also helped work on the large fabric canvas

4/5/6 each made one painting of their own on paper, then they got to splatter paint a Ford Escape!
Volunteers mask off windows & such, during recess:


Monday, April 30, 2018

Gardner Ale House Village School Exhibit

On view from Monday, April 30 to June 1, 2018. Each art student from the Village School
has a piece on display in the Gardner Ale House!

Reception date TBA, but I know it will be on a Sunday afternoon in late May.

The Preschool Students listened to "The Giving Tree" and created their own "giving tree" using ink and watercolors on canvas.

K1 Students used collage, acrylic paint, and repousse foil to create their very own Birds of Paradise.

Students in 2/3 learned about Andy Warhol and Pop Art, nad then did their own delicious paintings in acrylic on canvas.

The 4/5/6 students, after visiting England, did detailed ink drawings of castles and other landmarks, and then brought color in with watercolor washes.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

You may not have seen - But we have been busy making Art!

It has been many weeks since I have posted - but we have had some wonderful creative explorations every Thursday that the weather has let us!

K1 Instrument Still Lifes

Preschool Painting with Dye Transfer Tissue

Art to the Beat - collaborative pieces in K1

Detail of an Art to the Beat Piece

Ceramic Coil Cups in 2/3

Collage and Repousse in K1

Repousse "Reliquary boxes in 4/5/6 (above & below)

Acrylic and Canvas "Pop Art" inspired by Andy Warhol

Triptych Self Portraits in 4/5/6

Thursday, February 15, 2018

While the Cat's Away...

With 4,5, and 6 of globe=trotting, we are still having fun in Art!

PreK worked very carefully today while glazing their ceramic dinosaur footprints.

K1, Inspired by Picasso's Guitar, made mixed media abstract instruments of their own in collage and drawing.

2-3, in connection with theme, tried their hands at mini basket weaving, which is a great project that manifests a decorative and functional mathematical sculpture!  We had so much fun, I didn't get a photo!

March After School Art

After School Art is Back!

After School Art Group: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Thursdays, 3:30-4:30pm
March 8-29, 2018

Join after school art to explore the popular subjects of fairies, mermaids, centaurs, monsters, aliens, and spaceships!  We'll explore different ways to illustrate the strange and mythical in Drawing and Painting.  Pack an extra snack and your imagination for this fun class!

$40 per student, slips will be found coming home when you get back from Break!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Winter Art

We have had quite an up and down winter with Art!  We've missed one week of art due to a snow storm and another to Parent Teacher conferences!  In January the 4,5,6 have been learning to draw from observation.   They started out the New Year in art with an art challenge!  They had to draw an item they couldn't see - only observing it through touch.  Then, they drew the object while someone else described it to them, and the final step was being able to draw the object while looking at it!

In 23, students have done art inspired by stylistic animals, animal tracks, and learning to draw in perspective.

In K1 students have looked at and discussed prehistoric art, and made their own!  They have also practiced paper weaving and fashion design!

Pre K has made ceramic dinosaur print plates that have been fired and will be glazed in the next art class.  They have also used Circles, Dots and Lines to draw their own winter scenes - these are hanging out in the hall for all to see!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It's December - Time to catch up!

November passed in a blur, but here at the beginning of December we are getting back into art in a serious way.  We have some great ceramics projects going on for all the grades - in fact the kiln is firing as I type this!

In the upstairs hallway we have a display of the Castles made by the 456 - check them out!

About Ceramics at VS...
When we do ceramics here at the Village School, we use low-fire clay body and fire in a moderate sized electric kiln to cone 05.  Each ceramic piece that the students make needs to be fired twice, and the kiln reaches temperatures of nearly 1,900 Fahrenheit! When students make a piece of of wet or "green clay" it needs to fully dry - until no longer cool to the touch, which can take a couple of days to a week depending on ambient temperature, humidity, and other factors.  At this point the clay is "bone dry" and it takes it's first trip through the kiln.  When fired once, the clay is called bisque ware, and can then be glazed.  When the clay piece is fully glazed and the bottom clean it can be fired again for a glaze firing.  At this point the ceramic piece is finished!

23 Is taking home their Sun & Moon paintings this week and on display are the sculptural forest pieces the students created after listening to the story of the Cherokee Legend of the Cedar Tree.

K1 has finished their Growth theme and we have moved on in art as well!  We have created ceramic "Funny Face" masks, Hand collages, and will be working on a piece inspired by names this week.


 PreK Has done watercolor leaf painting, ceramics and has experimented with ink on transparency paper in the past few weeks, we will be glazing this week and having fun with collage next week!

Monday, October 23, 2017

October Art Adventures - Textures, Printing, and Castles!


For the past two weeks both the K1 and the PreK students were able to have art class outside! 

We had a blast the first week discovering texture through leaf rubbings and texture hunts.  The second week we explored texture through stamping; the K1 used different found natural materials like leaves, sticks, and grasses, and the PreK used a variety of stamps made in different shapes and patterns.

 On the 12th, 2/3 listened to the native american myth "When Tcikabis Trapped the Sun" and then explored warm VS cool colors in a sun/moon watercolor painting using wax resist painting techniques.  These are on display outside their classroom - take a look.

Last week we switched media and dove into printmaking!  After discussing the aspect of respect for the natural world and talking about ways to care for our environment, we made large-scale prints using a variety of reused and recycled materials - packing materials, feed bags, egg cartons, foam circles, and more.  Some students got creatively messy in the process! Next week we look forward to starting a 3D sculpture project - hopefully working outdoors, should the weather cooperate!

Two weeks ago the 4/5/6 students learned about function and form in architecture in the guise of gargoyles.  We talked about the probable derivation of their name, the difference between gargoyles and grotesques, and the functional purpose of gargoyles. Ask a student to share what they learned with you!

We applied that knowledge to designing our own gargoyles.  The students were challenged to design gargoyles with expressions other than angry or scary, using charcoal.

This past week the 4/5/6 students, myself, George, and Myra took on the gigantic project of clay castles!  The students took on this challenging project, leading to a medieval kingdom's worth of clay castles drying in the kiln room before being fired.  These castles will go through a bisque firing process, then students will glaze the castles and they will be fired a final time - it will be a few weeks until the finished projects are presented, but well worth looking forward to!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Circles, Colors & Lanterns!

One of the most enthusiastic art projects in the last week has been the PreK Shape & Color Exploration project!  We looked for circles in our surroundings outside, observed Wassily Kandinsky's Color exploration study where he nested circles of different colors together to test how the colors reacted to each other, and then made a collage inspired by Kandinsky's work!  These pieces are on display outside of PreK.

The finished Feather "wreath" - a collaboration of work by 2/3.


Finally, last week K/1, 2/3, and 4/5/6 all created their watercolor paintings on the special non-absorbant, translucent Yupo paper, which will soon become their Lanterns for the Lantern walk!

Coming up this week: Leaf Rubbings, Design Your Own Plant, Sky/Moon & Warm/Cool, and Charcoal Gargoyles!

Friday, September 29, 2017

After School Art

To answer the question many are asking...Yes! After School Art is back later this fall, WooHoo!  Once the weather cools a bit we will start up our After School Art Program again.  I plan on starting it up mid-November, holding 4-week sessions again though the beginning of spring.

Look for information on the first session in mid-to-late October, spots go fast!

We may be exploring one of the following themes: Handmade Gifts, Drawing in Color, Fabric Design, and/or Magnificent Modern Artists...we will see!

- Elizabeth

Art in Late September

Just like that, we have seen the last of September!

Preschool students made watercolor chameleon paintings, inspired by photos of multi-colored chameleons last week.  We were able to build on our watercolor skills started the week before and add the wax resist painting technique to their repertoire.  We worked outdoors in art this week, creating oil pastel and seed flowers inspired by their imaginations and surroundings.

K1 students Finished glazing their cups, did a creativity exercise in line and shape with oil pastels and created imaginary flowers in chalk pastel.  Their "The Dot" inspired napkins and ceramic cups are in the classroom and ready to be used!

2nd and 3rd grade students were able to glaze their ceramic feathers and did a line and shape creativity exercise, which they found riveting!  We spent our past class exploring the theme of feathers again, but through the media of wax-resist watercolor painting.  We then finished by making some sketches for our Lanterns for the Lantern Walk, which we will be working on in watercolor next week.

Last week the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students were introduced to single-point perspective drawing using simple shapes, embellished with bright colors and bold lines.  These mini art works are on display in their classroom currently.  This week we had a little extra time together, so not only did we complete some idea sketches for the Lanterns they will complete next week, but we also got to dive into contour line drawing and continuous line drawing - both inside and outside. 

The continuous contour line drawing exercises went very well!  This is a challenging practice where you draw an object, mostly in outline, without picking your mark-making instrument (pen, marker, etc.) off of the page at all.  This exercise is meant to stretch horizons and embolden your future artistic choices, not necessarily produce frame-able art, however, sometimes the results are stunning!