Friday, September 29, 2017

Art in Late September

Just like that, we have seen the last of September!

Preschool students made watercolor chameleon paintings, inspired by photos of multi-colored chameleons last week.  We were able to build on our watercolor skills started the week before and add the wax resist painting technique to their repertoire.  We worked outdoors in art this week, creating oil pastel and seed flowers inspired by their imaginations and surroundings.

K1 students Finished glazing their cups, did a creativity exercise in line and shape with oil pastels and created imaginary flowers in chalk pastel.  Their "The Dot" inspired napkins and ceramic cups are in the classroom and ready to be used!

2nd and 3rd grade students were able to glaze their ceramic feathers and did a line and shape creativity exercise, which they found riveting!  We spent our past class exploring the theme of feathers again, but through the media of wax-resist watercolor painting.  We then finished by making some sketches for our Lanterns for the Lantern Walk, which we will be working on in watercolor next week.

Last week the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students were introduced to single-point perspective drawing using simple shapes, embellished with bright colors and bold lines.  These mini art works are on display in their classroom currently.  This week we had a little extra time together, so not only did we complete some idea sketches for the Lanterns they will complete next week, but we also got to dive into contour line drawing and continuous line drawing - both inside and outside. 

The continuous contour line drawing exercises went very well!  This is a challenging practice where you draw an object, mostly in outline, without picking your mark-making instrument (pen, marker, etc.) off of the page at all.  This exercise is meant to stretch horizons and embolden your future artistic choices, not necessarily produce frame-able art, however, sometimes the results are stunning!

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