Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The first two weeks

We have spent our first two weeks of Art getting reacquainted with the basics and routines in art.

PreK started off with the book Lines that Wiggle and did free line drawings in oil pastel, then we read Rainbow Fish (a perennial favorite) and explored painting with watercolor!  Line and color are both important elements of design!


K1 has spent the first two weeks in projects of tradition - starting their ceramic clay cups, drawing a first portrait, and making napkins!  The cups have been bisque fired and will be glazed this week and fired for a final time after tomorrow. The napkins are painted acrylic pieces, inspired by the book The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  The have covered ceramic techniques, and introduced shape as an element of design as well as the inspiration that everyone can create!

23 students made Native American inspired clay feathers already - with glazing slated for this week, and drew their own "World Maps" on the back of a turtle as inspired by the Turtle Island myth.  These non-representational free-form maps are on display outside of Shannon's class room and reveal a great variety of character among our cartographers!
456 was challenged the first day to make two self-portraits, one raw and un-coached, the second with some proportional guidance and the aid of mirrors.  The second week we dove into a theme-based project that looks at composition and lettering as decoration creating illuminated letters.

Coming up this week we will be exploring color mixing, line, glazing, and 1-point perspective - so much fun to have!  See you Thursday!

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