Thursday, September 7, 2017

Welcome Back!

September 2017 - Welcome back to a new year at the Village School!  I am excited to have started a new artistic adventure with all my students this fall.  This year we will continue to have art classes on Thursdays, and I am continuing to visit the preschool every week as well as K-6.

My goal for the students this year is to encourage them to exercise their creativity - in class and on their own - in such a way that it informs their artistic decisions and becomes an enjoyable and life-giving activity.

Over the course of the year I plan to introduce and reinforce good studio and artistic habits, the elements and principles of design, and a wide variety of media from ceramics to metal tooling!  The overarching curricula for each class will address the essentials of art in developmentally appropriate ways, while encouraging students to rise to their own challenges, stretch their horizons, and enjoy!

I also look forward to bringing back the After School Art program, starting later in the fall - keep your eyes out for more information!

- Liz

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