Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It's December - Time to catch up!

November passed in a blur, but here at the beginning of December we are getting back into art in a serious way.  We have some great ceramics projects going on for all the grades - in fact the kiln is firing as I type this!

In the upstairs hallway we have a display of the Castles made by the 456 - check them out!

About Ceramics at VS...
When we do ceramics here at the Village School, we use low-fire clay body and fire in a moderate sized electric kiln to cone 05.  Each ceramic piece that the students make needs to be fired twice, and the kiln reaches temperatures of nearly 1,900 Fahrenheit! When students make a piece of of wet or "green clay" it needs to fully dry - until no longer cool to the touch, which can take a couple of days to a week depending on ambient temperature, humidity, and other factors.  At this point the clay is "bone dry" and it takes it's first trip through the kiln.  When fired once, the clay is called bisque ware, and can then be glazed.  When the clay piece is fully glazed and the bottom clean it can be fired again for a glaze firing.  At this point the ceramic piece is finished!

23 Is taking home their Sun & Moon paintings this week and on display are the sculptural forest pieces the students created after listening to the story of the Cherokee Legend of the Cedar Tree.

K1 has finished their Growth theme and we have moved on in art as well!  We have created ceramic "Funny Face" masks, Hand collages, and will be working on a piece inspired by names this week.


 PreK Has done watercolor leaf painting, ceramics and has experimented with ink on transparency paper in the past few weeks, we will be glazing this week and having fun with collage next week!

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