Monday, April 30, 2018

Gardner Ale House Village School Exhibit

On view from Monday, April 30 to June 1, 2018. Each art student from the Village School
has a piece on display in the Gardner Ale House!

Reception date TBA, but I know it will be on a Sunday afternoon in late May.

The Preschool Students listened to "The Giving Tree" and created their own "giving tree" using ink and watercolors on canvas.

K1 Students used collage, acrylic paint, and repousse foil to create their very own Birds of Paradise.

Students in 2/3 learned about Andy Warhol and Pop Art, nad then did their own delicious paintings in acrylic on canvas.

The 4/5/6 students, after visiting England, did detailed ink drawings of castles and other landmarks, and then brought color in with watercolor washes.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

You may not have seen - But we have been busy making Art!

It has been many weeks since I have posted - but we have had some wonderful creative explorations every Thursday that the weather has let us!

K1 Instrument Still Lifes

Preschool Painting with Dye Transfer Tissue

Art to the Beat - collaborative pieces in K1

Detail of an Art to the Beat Piece

Ceramic Coil Cups in 2/3

Collage and Repousse in K1

Repousse "Reliquary boxes in 4/5/6 (above & below)

Acrylic and Canvas "Pop Art" inspired by Andy Warhol

Triptych Self Portraits in 4/5/6