Project of the Month

For September I've picked a super-fun project that can be used in so many ways once completed!

Shaving Cream Marbling

This is a hands-on, experimental, and fun project that can be done with materials
you probably have in your house!  Once dried, the marbled paper can be hung,
or used for gift wrap, cards, collage art and more.

Large Diameter Baking Dish, Lasagna Pan, or Pie Plate(s)
Shaving Cream
Toothpicks, fork, knives - anything you can use to stir
Food Dye
Card stock or other thick paper
Scrap cardboard
Protective cover for your table (Or do this project outside :) )
Glove (optional!)

1. Fill your chosen pan with a coating of shaving cream around a half inch to an inch thick.
2. Drop dye, in as many colors as you wish,  all over the surface of the shaving cream.  If you leave the shaving cream showing, that will be white on your paper.
3. Using your stirring implement, stir your dye spots around in patterns and swirls.
4.  When finished stirring, pick up a sheet of paper, and press in down onto the marbled shaving cream.
5. Lift the paper off of the shaving cream and flip on its back onto the table. (You can get several prints off of the swirled shaving cream before scooping it out and refilling)
6. Hold the paper down in one corner and use a piece of scrap cardboard to scrape off the excess shaving cream to reveal your marbled paper below!

7.  Leave paper face up to dry for a couple hours and you are ready to hang it, or use it in another art work!


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